PROJECT: Concept + Exhibition Design
STATUS: Built (2016)
LOCATION: DIMAD, Matadero Madrid, Spain
CURATORS: Maria Anton-Barco (Interior Design), Juan Carlos Gauli (Graphic Design), Fernando Ortega (video Games Design) & Rafael GarcĂ­a (Fashion Design)
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Blossom is an exhibition dedicated to ESNE 2015-2016 Final Thesis Projects that took place at DIMAD- Matadero cultural centre in Madrid.

Nowadays, the consumer does not want to acquire products or services, but they aspire to live experiences and emotions. Moreover, companies are recruiting Interior Designers who, in addition to their profile, could bring to companies management, design and communication skills.

The Interior Designer works on buildings to endow them with exceptional and functional qualities, habitability and aesthetic. Therefore, it has become compulsory the fact that in some areas, the Interior Designer needs to be deeply conscious of the national economic situation as gastronomy, hospitability industry and tourism.

Pursuing the degree of Interior Design at ESNE, students will acquire the ability to conceptualize and develop technically and aesthetically projects shown in this exhibition. In this manner, they combine technical training and the necessary skills to create spaces of deeply emotional connection with the design language associated with them.