PROJECT: «Enredo» Auditorium
STATUS: Built (2016)
CLIENT: Casa Decor / Esne
LOCATION: Casa Decor, Calle Atocha, Madrid, Spain
TEAM: Maria Anton-Barco + Esne Interior Design Students: Claudia Ribagorda, Raquel Gallardo, Carmen López de Lerma, Susana Redondo, Alaine Aduriz, Alberto Parreño, María Ramos, Lola Mayoral, Regina Fernández, Celia Martín, Esther Arranz, María Cabrero, Andrea Moreno, Liping Ke, Raquel Navarro, Silvia Martín, Silvia Marco, Alfredo Pérez, Carlos Vivó, Rocio Elipe, Azucena Escalona, Teresa Lubiano, Miguel García, Teresa Criado, María Porca, Ismael Diaz-Mingo, Manuela Manjarrez e Isabel Herrera
PHOTOGRAPHS: Casa Decor & Damian Pasero

The Auditorium and the Mural of Exhibitors are two of the most used spaces in Casa Decor and must be functional. This has been achieved through a braided frames with threads that create delicate transparencies and help improve the acoustics of the room. The project combines the most innovative materials with traditional materials such as sisal and cotton threads that come from the most traditional shops in Madrid.

Casa Decor is an exclusive  interior design exhibition, which takes place every year in a different location in the center of Madrid. A whole Building is refurbished by a group of professionals (interior designers, decorators, architects, designers, landscapers and artists), as well as companies and showcases the newest trends in design.

For 40 days, the exhibition opens the public in a unique and historic building, which accommodates fifty spaces decorated by the most outstanding interiors of the moment. The Exhibition receives more than 40,000 visitors per edition, that is, around one thousand people a day.

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