Team Leader:Maria Anton
Team Members: Esperanza Moreno, Carmen Martinez

Leisnig is a small city, with uniform and unique architecture, surround by a beautiful landscape. It seems to be designed to live in a quiet way, enjoying the landscape. It would not make sense that a city like this has big malls and motorways. Its attractive relays in been a small and quiet city, and these qualities must be preserve as a sing of Leisnig’s unique identity. Lesinig could become a slow city, without big changes, only promoting its traditional values and activities.

Slow cities are characterised by a way of life that supports people to live slow. Traditions and traditional ways of doing things are valued. These cities stand up against the fast-lane, homogenised world so often seen in other cities throughout the world. Slow cities have less traffic, less noise, fewer crowds. They are ruled by the slow philosophy. They must be small (less than 50.000 residents) sustainable and eco-friendly, they must have a unique architecture and urban space, the must think in the users and they must also produce part of their food.

By obtaining the slow certificate, leisnig could attract people from different background and ages interested in living a more peaceful life, as well as a selected group of visitants, as sow cities are a first class tourism destination.