STATUS: Competition (BY INVITATION) (2010)
CLIENT: Casa Decor / Esne
LOCATION: Sukkah City, NY
TEAM: Maria Anton-Barco (team leader), Carmen Martinez, Esperanza Moreno

The root of our project is in the archetype of the house, this is the reason why we build one everyone can recognise. But a sukkah is not a normal house, thus we must adapt it to its specific role. Not only we need protection and shadow, we also need to see the sky. In order to achieve these objectives we use bamboo poles. They have a double function: they protect and filter the sunlight creating a dark inside with some light dot moments and they made our sukkah to look as a hedgehog, which provides the user of a sense of security.

The construction is very simple and lightweight. It is defined by a wooden structure. Fixed to this structure, we install wooden panels with holes in them. This panel support the 18 inches length Bamboo poles.

As we have mention above this poles made the sukkah space unique and mutable. This bamboo tubes allow you to see small parts of the outside trough them.

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