bilderatlas - becoming 2018

bilderatlas – becoming 2018

Maria Anton-Braco’s PhD dissertation – Bilderatlas: Spain XXC, Gazes Through Architecture  was selected to be part of Becoming the Spanish Pavillion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale di Venezia.

Freespace is the motto chosen by the Irish architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley Mcnamara as part of their responsibility as the exhibition curators of the 16th Architecture Biennale that will take place in Venice in 2018.

becoming is the name given to the exhibition proposal for 2018. Located among learning environments of Architecture and continuing with the appropriate and temporary character of the previous Spanish pavilion Unfinished, becoming makes an allusion to a vector of the future, with a common educational background in the “Escuela”, which extends to other learning experiences in space and time, in dialogue with other disciplines.

Considering teaching practice as fully-fledged architectural practice, becoming shows Spanish architecture via the works of a superb set of home-grown architects – where women are currently more in number than men -, architecture which demands rethinking the conditions of learning environments in connection with the new emergencies of the present, abandoning predefined order schemes.

Within these fields of learning and investigating, becoming focusses in the actions, speeches and works of the students, leaving to one side both the pedagogical methods which have enabled their development and the tools and actors involved.

becoming, via a large quantity of critical thinking put into practice abandoning predefined order schemes, intends to show the complexity of our operational logics, trying to transform them into systems as simple as the choreographies of day to day life itself to make them accessible to all citizens.

The expert committees that met on December 15, 18 and 19, 2017 selected a total of 339 proposals that will be part of the virtual pavilion, of which 127 will also be in the physical pavilion of The Spanish Pavillion at 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.

We are thrilled to announce that the Bilderatlas is part of the virtual pavilion