PROJECT: CASA DECOR 2018 “Lobby Palo de Rosa”
STATUS: Built (2018)
CLIENT: Casa Decor /Procolor/ Esne
LOCATION: Casa Decor, Calle Francisco de Rojas 2, Madrid, Spain
TEAM: Maria Anton-Barco + Susana Redondo+ Esne Interior Design Students
SPONSORS: Procolor (Space and Coating), ACTIU (Furniture), FLUVIA (SLIM lighting system), FINSA (Wood), GANGEDO (Fabrics and Rugs), CERAMICAS VIVES (flooring), NMC Mouldings)
COLLABORATORS: Ana Escalera – Hola Por Qué (Art Pieces)
PHOTOGRAPHS: Casa Decor – Nacho Uribe Salazar

We are not aware of the power of coating to transform the spaces in which we live and work. This project main goals is  to showcase the potential of light and color  to transform our environment, as well their therapeutic power.

The color chosen, Heart Wood (Palo de Rosa in Spanish) is the color representation of a “welcome home” – a place where we can shut the door to the outside world and step into a sanctuary that is uniquely ours. Procolor believes this contemporary, grown-up pink brings a feeling of comforting energy, lightness, and reassurance to people and the spaces they inhabit. That is why Procolor / AkzoNobel have selected Heart Wood as Color of The Year 2018, together with their diverse team at the Global Aesthetic Center and a group of international design and trend experts who dove into trends and insights from all over the world.

The use of lighting, textures, colors and shapes turns this space into a relaxing environment, in which to stop to recharge energy. A comfortable and informal meeting point is created thanks to the modular elements of the central piece of furniture, exclusively built and design designed by ACTIU

Casa Decor is an exclusive  interior design exhibition, which takes place every year in a different location in the center of Madrid. A whole Building is refurbished by a group of professionals (interior designers, decorators, architects, designers, landscapers and artists), as well as companies and showcases the newest trends in design.